The Essence of Education

THE ESSENCEEducation is the only option as it is a generally accepted axiom that ignorance is a disease. If it is assumed that education is very expensive the cost of ignorance is better imagined. A place populated by the ignorant is no go area for the educated person. He will appear to be on island. He will need to get some people to listen and listen real before he can make any sense.The simplest of issue is made complex by an ignorant person. If assume that convincing someone who is ignorant by choice then you have got something else coming to you. Let the educated mind walk into a place and declare that “light cannot be seen but causes a sensation of vision”. It will require forever to convince the trained ignorant to make any sense from such a deduction from the concept of light. But the enlightened mind will eventually see that God is light. Light is invincible since God is invincible. That is the story told to a group of educated ignorant kids. The adult educated mind who has spent a while assimilating this concept and ends up with this deduction is on an island. He had better get some of these kids to his side of the divide as fast as possible. What am I inferring here?There are a lot of educated ignorance buried in us when we prefer ignorance to education. The only obvious cure to ignorance is seeking enlightenment. Light can only shine into darkness if there is an opening. For the darkness of ignorance to vanish the ray of educated light must shine into the mind.TYPESEducation is either secular or religious. Christianity, Islamic or other religious beliefs abound. It’s a free world and choice is ours to do whatever we are at ease with as long as no crime is committed. So long as we do not interfere with the freedom of another person in our choice of what we do, we are at liberty to do those things. As long as what we do brings peace to the world, I am of the opinion that it is okay.There is so much to learn when we are able to access knowledge. The knowledge could be in the field of science, art or the humanity. Whichever area of knowledge we choose to be engaged in there is enough to keep us busy for a life time. Knowledge is exhaustible.NATURELet us take the sciences as case study – physics, chemistry and biology – are the basics for scientific study.A lifetime of one hundred years is not enough for the genii to cut across the three. Studying the behavior of living and non-living things, their structure in its normal or defective form, uses to which man and other living things makes of them are lifetime activities.In the humanities we are actively engaged in the study of the ability of man to apply himself to various tasks he comes across. This cuts across the male and female gender. In roles assigned each gender set out to outdo each other. But there are roles purely for the male and others purely for the female.CAPABILITYThe weaker sex syndrome relegates the female to the background. But there is saying that what the man can do a woman can do even better. In the arts creativity is the essence of education. The arts exposes the inner mind. Art can be in writing, drawing or audiovisual displays.Here again the male and female strive to bring their creativity to the fore. The male again take a larger chunk of the recognition. Is still the weaker sex syndrome? In every area of human endeavor with a a few exceptions the female battles for recognition.MORALOther interesting areas of human education are moral and sex. My interest in commenting on them is based on their implication for human development and creating a visible peaceful world. I think that there is a deep psychological impact on these two. Psychological behavior has a background in homes. A well grounded home produces persons with balanced psychological makeup.A moral person is sure to know wrong from right and easily withdraws from wrong. Sex can be a destroyer as much as it has its role of enabling procreation. Sex education in most cultures is a taboo. The consequences of not educating the girl child about her sexuality are daunting, the result of the ensuing ignorance not almost all the time palatable for the individual involved, her family and the society at large.The consequences of the female sexuality and the implications of wrong interpretations gained from peers rather the home is the same question of moral decadence and deprivation. Where a morally grounded home exists peers won’t be the sex educators. No matter how complicated the materials of study are it is the willingness to overcome ignorance that inspires learning. what I am educated in leads to extra desire to know.CONCLUSIONIn attempting a conclusion I saying the education is the only sure means of wiping out ignorance. Informal or formal the human mind must be enlightened to